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Palletized freight loading and unloading options to and from a truck or trailer

  Most dry commodities are transported on pallets in weather-protected curtains or hard side trucks and trailers. Loading and unloading a truck can be done in a variety of ways. For manual handling, break down the freight by hand and carry it off the truck, or load it onto pallets on the truck. Because personnel […]

In the trucking industry, what are the most common trailer types?

  With so many different trailers on the road nowadays, it can be difficult to tell what each one is for and which one is ideal for your freight. We’ve been in the trailer business since 1955, and we’ve helped customers choose the right one for them. Several trailers you see on the road today […]

Types of trucks and trailers, as well as the cargo they transport

  Trucks can be rigid in combination (short, medium, or long) and prime movers (tractor units) in short- or multi-combination. Check out this article if you’re seeking a job driving a truck. They transport the following loads and trailers: Automotive haulage is the process of transporting autos on a car transporter. This type of trailer […]